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Shandong Kaisheng New Materials Co., Ltd.
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Talent concept

Kaisheng adheresto the "to overcome the crisis crisis consciousness, in the spirit of competition to win the competition, to achieve safe, efficient, sustainable development" concept, in the enterprise to implement "people-oriented, scientific management" of talent policy, the company formed a talent cultivating sustainability concept of choose and employ persons, give up the ladder of employees, creating development space.

"Solidarity, discipline, diligence and progress, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, enterprise culture is kaisheng of precipitation and crystallization, "attaches great importance to talents, training talents, make good use of talent" is the foundation of kaisheng talent strategy.

"Having both ability and political integrity, quality first" is the talent kaisheng.

We pay attention to talent:
(1) provide good development space for talent, talent platform, with the development of the talent strategy of sustainable development of leading enterprises.
(2) the "horse racing, not horses." Within the enterprise competition incentive mechanism, provide talents with open, fair and just competition environment.
(3) the affinity of the enterprise culture, cohesion and appeal is the foundation of talent development, and is the source of the company.

HR management is the core of "people-oriented, scientific management". On the premise of openness, fairness and justice, selection, use, training talents, establishing talent incentive mechanism. Kaisheng in constant development, gradually establish a scientific and standardized system of talent management, make each have the capability and technology, has the dedication to work, there is sense of responsibility and enterprising people can use their intelligence and realize their life values.

HR is the first resource in the development of enterprises. Kaisheng company in the development of the growing at the same time, hope to have more people with lofty ideals to join to the career development of kaisheng, promote kaisheng career forward forever, immortal!

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Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China 

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